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Babies and Childcare
If you need childcare, the safest choice is family or close friends you trust.
After school programs or other groups are a good option.
If you hire a stranger, even with an agency, you have to be very careful.
Baby Clothing
CT Network of Care
Baby Furniture
CT Network of Care
CT Network of Care
Diaper Bank and more
CT Partnership for Children
Diapers & Baby Supplies
TANF and other financial help
Department of Social Services
WIC, formula, healthy food, car seats
List of WIC programs near you
Care for Kids Childcare
211 List of Childcare near you
Community Action Agencies (babysitters that cost money)
Help with Car Seat Safety -
Find a car seat fitting station near you
Baby's First Wish Parenting Newsletter
By New Mexico State University
Sometimes stores like Target or Walmart give you back money when you trade in your old car seat.
211 for help with these things and more
Baby Care Products Chart
Through the Looking Glass
Some food pantries have diapers. Thrift shops have toys, cloths, and furniture.
More on child safety
Good Parenting for Newborns & Infants
Milestones and Getting Help
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