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Hello, We are Proud Parents!

We are a group of parents from all over Connecticut.

Some of us have had or have DCF involved with our families.

We want to help all parents so that parents with disabilities are not discriminated against, so families could stay together, and so children can grow up in loving homes.


To create this website, we got together with help from:

**The Arc of Connecticut

**The UConn Center for Excellence in Developmental Disabilities

**The CT Council on Developmental Disabilities

Most of the resources on this site are existing sites for CT families.

One of our goals is to continue to add or write more resources in plain language that are easy to read.

A lot of the resources on this site are general and can help parents anywhere, for example good parenting tips. Tips can especially help new parents.

Many of the resources on this site also have facebook pages.


As of March 2023, the resources on this site are free.

We hope that if this site is helpful to you, you can create something similar for your own state.

Images used are from the clipart library. Pictures of parents are used with their permission specifically for use on the Proud Parents site. 

Deborah, Ronald, Amy, Chantell, Lu, Quiana,
Aaron, Jossie, Linda, Donald, Crystal, Rosa, Elenor, Brenda, Serina, Linda, Jessica, Benjamin, Christina, Sierra, Pascale, Bonnie, Vivian


To join our meetings twice a month or contact us click here.
Join the facebook group: Proud Parents - Leadership &
Encouragement for ALL Parents
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