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The Department of Children & Families' mission is to empower families to raise strong, successful children.

If a family needs help, DCF should help them to prevent the family from being split up.

Most of the time, it is best for families to stay together.

But if the problems are too big, children might go live with another relative or with a foster family.

This page can help answer questions about DCF.

What are reasons that DCF can put my child in foster care?

What is neglect?

What is abuse?

Warning signs of child abuse.

What can I do to prevent DCF from putting my child in foster care?

What will happen if DCF contacts me?

Can DCF help me keep my family together?

DCF CT "Information that families will find useful"

How do I contact DCF to ask for voluntary help?

877-381-4193 option #3

The Bumpy Road
An excellent site with help written in plain language, BUT the resources are in Australia. Hopefully the Proud Parents website will help you find similar resources in Connecticut.

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