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For families to stay together with the support they want and need, and for children to grow up in safe, loving homes.


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To be leaders for parents with differing abilities to have the help they want and need so their families can stay together, and to fight against discrimination and unfair practices.

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To be leaders in decision-making to ensure "nothing about us without us."


To have a user-friendly website to make it easier to find help and resources for parents and families.


To have parents empower and encourage parents through peer support, other parents who understand what they are going through.


To strengthen self-advocacy skills so parents can influence decisions made about them and about other parents with disabilities.


To use strong self-advocacy skills to join advisory committees for DCF, DDS, the judicial system, advocacy groups, and local and statewide agencies to make needed changes.


To advise professionals, like doctors, how to best help parents with disabilities.

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To change reading into plain language.

Click the star to learn about plain language.

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