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General Life Tips
Saving money & budgeting is important.
Keeping a clean house is important.
Self-care is important, both health and recreation.
Pinterest has great charts that can help to make things easier.
Cleaning chart examples
Able Accounts help you to save money to have a better life, without losing Medicaid
SARTAC video by Chris Blake
Eversource Tips to Save Energy at Home
Eating Healthy on a Budget
Saving for Things You Need or Want
Saving Money When Shopping for Food
A Budget for a Month
CT Association for Community Action offers education about budgeting and more.
Free Online Tax Prep Help, VITA, DSS
Find free or inexpensive adult education classes at nearby:
     -community centers
     -community colleges
There are many good You Tube videos for meditation, exercise, help getting to sleep, and much more.
I need to take care of myself.
I want to learn about good recreation for my family or myself.
I want training & tips specific to parenting
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