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Milestones & Getting Help for Your Child
CDC - Centers for Disease Control & Prevention
What does your child's development mean? How your child plays, learns, speaks, acts, or moves.

What are milestones? Milestones are things that show your child's development. For example, when your child starts talking or walking. Most children learn things about the same age.

Milestones are not exact though. For example, some babies walk when they are only 9 months. Others walk when they are 15 months. This is okay. No one is the same.

But if a child is far behind in a certain stage, you can talk to the pediatrician to see if your child can use extra help. A doctor can also check for other things. For example, if a baby is not speaking or responding to your voice, a doctor can check the baby's hearing.

If you are concerned about your child's development or think your child may have a disability, it is very important to act early and get extra help as soon as possible.

The resources on this page are from the CDC. They give you suggestions about when things might typically happen for a child at a certain age. There is also advice about keeping checklists and how to get help.
Milestones - pictures & videos
Important milestones checklists & tips with pictures
Growth chart & vaccine information
Learn the Signs, Act Early and Why Act Early?
How To Get Help For Your Child and What To Say To The Doctor
You can call the CT Act Early Ambassador for help at the UCEDD 860-679-1500
For CT Birth23, call 800-505-7000
Milestone videos & the tracker app for your cell phone
Explore the CDC website for even more helpful information. For questions or to ask them to mail free information to you, call 1-800-232-4636.
Sparkler cell phone app
CT Office of Early Childhood
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