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Disability Organizations
List by UCEDD
Resource Directory
Disability Rights Connecticut
They Say We Have Rights
People First
We Have Human Rights!
DDS Advocates' Corner
Disability Rights Connecticut
How To Report Abuse
Applying for Social Security Income and Disability Benefits
Adult Disability Starter Kit (and checklist)
Child Disability Starter Kit (and checklist)
Supported Decision-making as an Alternative to Guardianship & Conservatorship
UCEDD - Promoting Independence in Connecticut
Supported Decision-making
The Arc - Self-advocacy Online
ADA Workshops
National Research Center for Parents with Disabilities, The Heller School at Brandeis U
No Excuse for Abuse, DDS Advocates' Corner
Department of Aging and Disability Services CT
Access Independence, Southwest
Southwestern CT Agency on Aging, Southwest
Senior Resources Agency of Aging, Eastern CT
Disability Network for Eastern CT
Disability News
Disability Scoop
Center for Dignity in Healthcare
Able Accounts help you to save money to have a better life, without losing Medicaid
SARTAC video by Chris Blake
Dignity of Risk - Max Barrows
UVM Center on Disability & Community Inclusion
The Heller School Workshops
Plain Language about Medicaid Services
Disability Information and Access Line
Protecting the Rights of Parents & Prospective Parents with Disabilities
U.S. Department of Justice, Civil Rights Division, Disability Rights Section
To file a CT discrimination complaint, 860-541-3400
Commission on Human Rights & Opportunities
To file a federal discrimination complaint, 202-514-3847
U.S. Department of Justice, Civil Rights Division
AAPD American Association of People with Disabilities
Ableism & Violence - Plain Language Guide by Green Mountain Self-Advocates
You can help to make change & make things better!
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