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Salud y Bienestar General
Consejos de salud del Rincón de los defensores del DDS
DDS Advocates' Corner
Mantenerse saludable desde el Rincón de los defensores del DDS
DDS Advocates' Corner
Mi lista de verificación para una vida saludable del Rincón de los defensores del DDS
DDS Advocates' Corner
Fast Food - Good Choices
DDS Advocates' Corner
Supporting Exercise
DDS Advocates' Corner
Cuida de ti mismo por la carretera llena de baches
Salud de los niños
Vacunas infantiles
Special Olympics Fitness Programs
Nutrition - My Plate by U.S. Department of Agriculture
Website advice for adults & children by age groups
Healthy eating app for cell phone
Family-to-Family Health Info Center, 203-234-9554
If your child has many medical needs
CHMI CT Medical Home Initiative for Children with Special Health Care Needs
The Child Development Info Line
CT Department of Public Health
CT Community Collaboratives, Wrap CT
If your child has medical, mental, emotional or behavioral health challenges
Directory of Children's Health Programs
Department of Public Health
Sokolove Law for questions about birth injuries
Find health, nutrition & fitness programs at your local YMCA, YWCA, hospital, library or City Parks & Recreation
Hitos y desarrollo saludable del niño
Help with Mental Health
Help with Medical Insurance
Help with Sexual Health
Simply Sayin' is a free app for your cell phone. It explains medical things in easy to understand ways, has pictures that your doctor can draw on to show you things, and has videos to explain things.
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