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About Covid-19
Also called Coronavirus, Delta, Omicron, mutation, Stealth or BA.2
Green Mountain Self-advocates, VT
Words to Know
Green Mountain Self-advocates & ASAN
A Self-advocate's Guide to Covid-19 (all 61 pages)
Green Mountain Self-advocates, VT
Caring for Your Mental Health During Covid-19
CT KASA, Family Voices, PATH CT, YASA
Resources from the UCEDD
(Info sheet with pictures was made before vaccines came out)
SARTAC Covid-19 Question & Answer Session
AUCD Covid-19 Video
What is contact tracing?
Covid-19, coping & mental health, schools, families and more
American Society for Positive Care of Children
The Delta Variant & the Covid-19 Vaccine, plain language by ASAN
La Variante Delta de la Covid-19
En español
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